To Start:

The navigation of this site is a response to the difficulty of explaining what it is I do and have done. The basic idea here is to show my areas of work and expertise, breaking them up into categories:

  1. Architecture and Design - my main area of work and formal training and the toolbox I use as the primary method for working and output

  2. Construction - a large component of my career, one that has transformed how I practice architecture

  3. Authorship + Content - Innovation, Deployment, Rollout, and sometimes story.

  4. Process + Visualization - showing the way in which I work, visualize and create. Some of the content here doesn’t fit cleanly into any one area, especially some of the more inventive and creative work.


    I am an Architectural professional with expertise in 3D modeling, visualization, BIM (Building Information Modeling), and creative problem solving in the areas of architecture & construction. I can and have been both highly creative and deeply technical, depending on the role or project. I’m happy in both worlds and happiest when I’m making a positive contribution. Variety, Creativity and Humanity are the true drivers.

    * Much of the content within is in flux and will be added to, both in quantity and depth.