Intel data center


project: Intel Data Center, San Jose, CA

year: 2011

Type: data center tenant infill

scope: mepsFP Coordination / model management / steel package documentation


The Intel Data Center project was a design-build project set in an existing 10,000 square foot facility and included and exterior yard for backup generators and cooling. The scope consisted of HVAC, Electrical, Fire Protection, and Plumbing, IT, and data center support, as well as the contractor’s own steel fabrication package supporting much of the systems. 

Our job was to:

  • Construct a digital as-built model of the existing space

  • Construct shop drawing grade model for the our steel scope (structure supporting conduit and piping)

  • Coordinate all subcontractor system models and moderate to solve clash issues occurring within the space

The job was highly complex and required a great amount of coordination.