presdio parklands

project: presdio Parklands pursuit visualization, the presidio, San Fransisco, CAlifornia

year: 2015

Type: master planning

Company: Swinerton Builders

summary: the presidio parklands projects was a large masterplanning design, whose sole purpose and intent was to develop the newly created corridor between historical military campus at the presidio to the park at crissy field, over the newly built 101 viaduct.

our task was to create a working study model, combining various proposed design elements, and show how we as the contractor would manage and implement construction throughout various proposed phases.

It was a large and complicated project, with many governing boards and bodies with various priorities and sources of funding.

We needed to successfully illustrate the entirety of the design scope, and visualize our intent in order to successfully communicate our propsed process. Swinerton ended up winning, with this effort. they became the general contractor on the initial phases of the work.

Shown here are images of the model i created with 2d Cad documents, satellite photos, all assembled within sketchup (site) and revit (some of the buildings). Also shown are the various construction phases of the project, and description of what was occurring during those phases.